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How are prices determined?

We are a balayage-centric hair salon. This means that we do not use traditional techniques to color your hair. Not only do we specialize in this technique (which allows 3-12 months before another touch-up) but we specialize in helping our guests transition from foils to balayage.


Our prices are determined by a combination of factors such as the service itself/demand, product cost & quality, application time, stylist experience and more. Our prices also account for our specialty in balayage along with Abby's 20+ years of experience as a hair colorist and balayage expert. Abby has implemented her unique "less is more" mantra into the Abby Haliti Salon while working with her team to help them adapt her hair-color technique. With Abby's approach, our aim is to deliver beautiful hair while giving full respect to the health of your hair.

Balayage is low-maintenance and lasts much longer than traditional foil highlights (it can last 3-12 months depending on at-home maintenance and personal preference), which factors into the price for this service as well.

What is balayage? Is it the same technique as traditional highlights?

Simply put, balayage is a hair-coloring technique, in which the color is painted on just the surface of the hair. Balayage has French origins and translates to “to sweep” in French. It is also a technique for highlighting hair in which the dye is hand-painted (a.k.a. no foils) on in a precise way. This results in a subtle effect, similar to that of natural, sun-kissed hair and lasts for up to 3-12 months.


Balayage is a highlighting technique; it’s simply an innovative, healthier method of lightening your hair. Balayage is for everyone, regardless of your hair length or color. It is a totally bespoke technique unique to you and your personal hair goals.

What do you mean by “product quality?”

Our first and foremost priority is the health of your hair and we aim to reflect this value in our products and services. Our philosophy is that the foundation of beautiful hair color starts with hair-care. Abby has incorporated what she believes to be highly-rated products with the highest-quality, natural ingredients. The main brand that we carry in our studio is Davines, founded by the Bollati family in Parma, Italy as a high-end hair-care research lab.


Davines is 100% sulfate-free, paraben-free, and cruelty-free. Davines is also a certified B-Corp which means that they have met the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability. We believe in natural, healthy techniques and hope to reflect this in the products that we carry.


Why do some prices vary?

Prices may vary due to factors such as length, density, placement, stylist level of experience and more. Prices that are subject to variation are marked with an asterisk (*) on our service menu. We’d love to chat―feel free to call and ask us any questions you might have. Please do keep in mind that we cannot and do not quote prices over the phone, as seeing your hair in person is the only way to maintain transparency by giving you an accurate price for your desired service.  


How do stylist tiers work at your salon? Does this factor into pricing?

Simplicity is key—there are only three tiers of experience at our salon. Before a stylist is officially put on the floor, Abby works with them one-on-one to help them hone their craft. Assistant stylists are considered protégés until they complete their training and graduate to associate stylist. Once they're on the floor, our stylists continue to graduate tiers until they reach the final tier. Our tiers work as such:


Tier 1 — Associate Stylist

Tier 2 — Lead Stylist

Tier 3 — Master Stylist


Tiers also factor into price variation as a way of allowing our prices to be more inclusive and workable for all budgets, lifestyles, and desires. We believe that everyone is different in their own unique way.  


Why are blowouts a separate service?

A quick blow-dry is complimentary, we don’t want you leaving the salon with wet hair! A styled blowout is charged as a separate service for many reasons; the main one being that some people just want a blowout and nothing more. Our team of professional stylists are also departmentalized, so the person giving you a blowout might not be the same person who cut/colored/etc., your hair. Our stylists also put everything they’ve got into giving you a beautiful blowout, which can sometimes take up to half an hour or more. A blowout being a separate service ensures that everyone working to help you reach your beauty goal is being properly compensated for the time they’re dedicating to your desired look.


Why don’t you use foils?

We don’t use traditional foils at Abby Haliti as we believe that there are so many more health benefits with balayage and free-hand painting. Traditional foils can lead to breakage, dryness, harsh demarcation lines and metallic build-up in the hair.

Our innovative alternative, meche, is sustainable (it’s reusable, rewashable & sanitary), prevents color from bleeding, doesn’t make any loud noises, is more comfortable for clients and makes so much more room for creativity from stylists.